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Derby PASS

Derby Parenting Advice and Support Service (PASS)

The Derby Parenting Advice and Support Service (PASS) is funded by the Western Australian Department of Corrective Services for the West Kimberley Regional Prison. The program provides one-on-one case management and a series of workshops to support and develop parenting skills for clients incarcerated at the West Kimberley Regional Prison.

The men and women who engage with Derby PASS discuss parenting topics including the importance of playtime, social and emotional development, strong relationships, behaviour guidance, healthy habits and parenting from prison.

Derby PASS works from a strength-based and both ways approach to support and empower clients to gasin skills to develop their parenting. One Tree works with local Indigenous community members to mentor and support clients post-release. The Derby PASS program works closely with community agencies throughout Western Australia, and One Tree Scallywags Early Learning Centre and Aboriginal Corporation Winun Ngari within Derby.

About West Kimberley Regional Prison

West Kimberley Regional Prison is a state of the art facility that opened in November 2012. The architectural design and operating philosophy incorporates Indigenous cultures and values wherever possible. The operating philosophy recognises and accepts culture, kinship, family and community responsibilities as well as a spiritual connection to the land.

The prison houses 120 male and 30 female prisoners in self-care houses. These houses are grouped and located according to family ties or language (as well as security rating) and accommodate up to seven prisoners.

About Derby

Derby is located in the West Kimberley region of Western Australia. The population is around 4,000 and about half are of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander descent. Derby is located on the King Sound and has the highest tides in Australia. One Tree also manages the Scallywags Early Learning Centre in the town.

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