community services

Family Information Support & Help (FISH)

Supporting children, families and employees.

This service has been designed to support One Tree employees and families in need including foster parents and families accessing our services

We realise that sometimes you may simply need to have a chat with someone about your concerns.

One Tree has employed professional staff to assist and support families. One Tree believes as parents we all have times when we need a little extra support. We can help you with:

  • Guiding your child’s behaviour
  • Supporting relationships within the family
  • Improving your child’s experience at school
  • Understanding stages of development
  • Assisting you in finding additional support
  •  Skills to celebrate rather than survive being a parent

One Tree employees are offered FREE support in:

  • Troubleshooting strategies for positive behaviour guidance
  • Understanding stages of development
  • Professional and personal wellbeing

If our Family Support Coordinator is based locally then face to face contact may be possible, alternatively, One Tree can provide guidance through:

  • Email correspondence
  • Telephone conversation
  • Skype/Video Conferencing; and
  • Parenting workshops

For further information please contact our Family Support Coordinator at
E: fish@onetree.org.au 
Ph:08 9172 4562.