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Young Minds

Family Mental Health Support Service (FMHSS)


Youngminds is a Family Mental Health Support Service (FMHSS) funded through the Australian Government Department of Social Services. 

One Tree delivers Youngminds in the East Kimberley, based at the One Tree Kununurra Children and Family Centre in partnership with Arafmi. 

Youngminds provides early intervention support for vulnerable families with children or young people who are showing early signs of, or are at risk of developing mental illness. 

The service is free of charge and provides intensive long-term, early intervention support, crisis assistance, community outreach, mental health education and community development activities.


Diane Cooper is our FMHSS Practitioner. Diane has a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and a Diploma in Community Services, and over 14 years' experience in the community services sector.

Mobile:0455 788 008

Phone:08 9169 1762


Postal: P.O. Box  1774, Kununurra, WA 6743