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Child care solutions

Working with communities, not just in communities

Recent rate capping, a reduction in financial assistance grants and diminishing budgets can put pressure on a council’s ability to provide child care services. Transferring those services to a not-for-profit provider enables the council to continue to support these services - without the cost.


The benefits of working with One Tree

Quality child care for your community

One Tree is a top child care provider. All of our long day care and rural and remote services have been rated as ‘exceeding’ the National Quality Standards.

Local presence

We currently operate Altona North and Altona Meadows Children’s Services (previously run by the Hobsons Bay City Council), and intend to be operating 10 services in Victoria within the next three years.

Opportunities for staff

Our staff have opportunities for personal and professional growth that come with being part of a national organisation. 


One Tree has over 43 years’ experience in delivering and supporting child care services in some of the most complex communities in Australia. We also provide community services, family day care and training through our Registered Training Organisation.

We currently work with 11 councils to provide child care solutions for their communities, and are experienced in transitioning families and staff to our service in what can be a sensitive environment.


More information

If you are considering transferring your child care services to a not-for-profit provider, please contact us to discuss your requirements.

For more information about One Tree, visit our about us page and view our induction video.