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The National Quality Standards (NQS)

Changes and challenges

One Tree has produced clear and simple manuals, audit documents, and compliant policies and forms to guide organisations through the implementation of the National Quality Standard.

In July 2009 the Australian Government set up the first ever overarching national strategy for early childhood development, titled Investing in the Early Years: A National Early Childhood Development Strategy. The strategy is designed to provide a blueprint for the future. The vision for the strategy is that by 2020 all children have the best start in life to create a better future for them and for the nation.

Looking to a future where children have the best start in life gives One Tree the motivation and incentive to support staff in achieving the requirements of the NQS. There is a lot of information available on what has to be achieved, but not how to do it.  

One Tree has created manuals and self-audit documents to support services in the National Quality Framework accreditation process. One Tree will also provide all the policies, documents and manuals required to implement the NQS.

Included in the package are:

NQS aligned policies and forms

Over 90 compliant policies and forms from all seven quality areas

Easy to follow manuals

Manuals to demonstrate practical ways to achieve NQS outcomes

Training and support

Training sessions and ongoing email support based on the organisation’s unique needs


More information

To find out more, email nqs@onetree.org.au