What it’s like working with our Community Services team

Our community services team are immersed in rural towns, remote communities or working with Indigenous people. They might be on the ground running a service, a safe house or a child and parents’ centre. Or they could be working hard in the background to make sure our services (and the people who run them) have everything they need.

No matter where you work, you’ll support people who are experiencing challenges. These challenges include domestic violence, homelessness, or abuse. Plus, you’ll help families with parenting, relationships, well-being, health, and the development of children.

Delivering national programs with local communities is all part of the job. One Tree runs or supports a range of programs including family and domestic violence, inclusion support, mental health support and parenting support programs.

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From trying something new to national recognition.

Noelene isn’t the kind of person to shout about her many achievements (even though we think she should). She came to One Tree with no experience in children’s or domestic violence support services. But, she had positive relationships with the Laverton community and a desire to work with them. The One Tree team saw her potential and welcomed her as the manager of the Laverton Crisis Intervention Service. In her four years as manager, she easily crossed language barriers, shortened cultural divides, launched new ideas, secured funding and took challenges in her stride. She was even named runner-up for a national community services award. Now she’s a regional manager of our Wadeye services and our client liaison officer. She continues to do great work with Aboriginal communities and her team. We are astounded by all she achieves with sheer determination and a big smile.

Join a team that truly works together

This team is all about building relationships and working with people’s strengths. That’s how our community services team co-create solutions with people and communities so they can determine their own futures. With us you’ll innovate, make your mark and discover far-flung corners of Australia. The only question is, are you up for the adventure?

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Great people and lots of support

"This job is rewarding but very challenging. It’s a tough role but the challenges are growth. There is a network of great people and lots of support. I’m passionate about the domestic violence field. I want to help people to help themselves. I think we need to build people’s confidence for them to be able to find their feet. We need to advocate for and support women."

Noelene - Community Services

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