Could you be a early education director?

Our directors and service leaders are super people. They champion children, build relationships with parents, mentor trainees, bring new ideas to life, support educators, contribute to the future of One Tree and are deeply connected to their local community.

As a director, you’ll oversee the day-to-day operations of your service. You’ll lead a team of passionate educators and use your experience to help them be at their best. You’ll create curriculum using child-led learning and build great relationships with families and children.

You’ll make sure everything happens on time and in budget. If you need support, your regional manager is always just a phone call away and they’ll visit often. Plus, you’ll join our support group for directors where you can share ideas and be mentored.

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From educator to running a children’s universe in 2 years

Katie was a single mum with four beautiful children who was working hard as an educator. As her kids grew, she wanted a role that fitted with family life. When she found an OSCH role at One Tree, her career very quickly took off. In 2019, she helped open Perth Individual. Then she moved to Brentwood as an educational leader. When a director position came up at Perth Individual, she was the natural choice. After only a year and a half mastering the role as a director, she was asked to cover a maternity leave contract at Palmyra c-Verse – all while still directing Perth Individual for three months. An amazing effort by Katie, who took both roles in her stride.   Katie says, “I’ve always had supportive regional managers and mentors at One Tree. I came into the director role thinking I couldn’t do it. But they’re always backing me. They say – you’ve got potential, Katie. I wouldn’t be able to be where I am without their support and mentorship. They always have professional development; a work plan and they ask what they can do to improve and help. The guidance and support go a long way”.

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Grow your career as a One Tree Director

With opportunities to work as a director, assistant director or room leader across Australia, there’s no limits to where an early education career at One Tree can take you. No matter where you work, every day is different. You’ll master a whole new skill set as you learn to lead and run a successful service. We’ll guide you with one-on-one support, mentoring and career progression. The best bit? That will always be the happy smiles on the faces of the children, families, and your team.

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It's all about helping families

"You learn so much from working with children, they’re so honest and upfront. I love following their lead, listening to them interact and use their imagination. You get to be a kid for a day. And, because One Tree is a not-for-profit organisation, all the money goes back to the children. It's all about helping the families and the community – not just in Perth but in regional and remote places as well."

Katie - c-Verse Palmyra

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