What it’s like to work at our Registered Training Organisation

Our trainers support students in cities, remote communities, and regional towns. They often crisscross the country visiting rural or remote services to offer face-to-face training and assessments.

When they’re not teaching students in far-flung towns, they’re delivering flexible online training, answering questions, and offering assistance. Join this team and you’ll never be bored. There’s always something to do and someone to help. At the end of the day, watching One Tree trainees become incredible educators in WA and the NT is the most rewarding part of the job.

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From studying for a diploma to teaching the next generation

Sam is One Tree’s longest standing employee. She’s been with the organisation for 17 years through changes, challenges and many career highlights. She began her journey in Karratha as a Certificate III qualified educator and today she’s the head of the One Tree Registered Training Organisation (RTO). Sam runs a high school traineeship program that was the first of its kind in Australia, manages the RTO and supports her team to train a large group of educators every single year. Even after 17 years, Sam’s still looking forward to what’s next for her career and for One Tree.

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Want to know more about our RTO?

Early education careers are sparked, grown and nurtured at our Registered Training Organisation. Our team dedicated of trainers spend every day helping future educators reach their potential. Delivering high-quality training to trainees in remote locations from diverse backgrounds, isn’t always easy. But it is always rewarding. While our trainers are busy supporting trainees, we’re making sure they’re reaching their career goals too.

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So many opportunities!

"I love my job. I’m an advocate for children. I’m passionate about it. I love that the learning is always ongoing. I learnt how to become a trainer. Then how to become a good trainer. I leant how to become a manager. Then how to become a good manager. You can move up and across at One Tree. There are so many opportunities."

Sam - Head of the RTO

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